Our Story

PO Box 1044 Los Banos CA 93635 US   |  [(209) 612-3734]  |  2017lbtigersharksteam@gmail.com


 Los Banos Tiger Sharks is in a Recreational Summer League and part of the Merced County Swim League. There are a total of 8 teams in the League and the season begins in mid-April and the first 

meet is at the beginning of May. Swim meets are scheduled on most Saturdays, some Sundays and Friday evenings to for 8 weeks. Championships are held the next to last weekend in July.

Each swimmer must attend 4 meets to be eligible to swim at Championships.

President.                                      Kristie Marion 

Vice-President                               Benito Marquez         

Treasure.                                       Tessa Alanis                      

Secretary.                                      Vanessa Pantoja.                  

Mother's Day in the park.               Teresa Torres & Sandra Yanez.                                            

League representative. .          

Add book.                                       Sandra Yanez.    

Head timer.                                    Juan.  Duran

​ IT                                                   Frank Leonard